20/Jul/2015 02:20 pm

Windlab wins CEC award

Windlab has been recognised by the Australian clean energy industry by being awarded the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) Business Community Engagement Award for 2015. The award celebrates the positive outcomes that have been achieved for the local communities of Coonooer and Yeungroon in Victoria and the Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm Project through the institution of community engagement and project participation.

Windlab is committed to being equally involved in the Coonooer Bridge and Yeungroon communities going forward as we carry out our responsibility of managing the operational project. This will include engaging local contractors for ongoing works around the project, carrying out community and one-on-one meetings with stakeholders and overseeing programs such as the $25,000 per year community grant program.

Windlab would like to thank all members of the Coonooer Bridge and Yeungroon communities for your openness to engage in the development of the Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm. We believe that you are a great example of how a community can stay together, despite a range of different views on a project, and partner with developers to deliver positive project and investment outcomes for all stakeholders.

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