3/Jun/2013 05:57 pm

Planning permit submitted

An application for a planning permit has been submitted to Buloke Shire for the Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm. The application is for 5 wind turbines north east of Coonooer Bridge. The 824 page application includes studies on a wide range of subjects and will be put on public exhibition by Council sometime in the coming weeks. The application includes very detailed environmental studies which show that no rare or threatened native species are likely to be significantly impacted due to the construction of the Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm.

Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm is jointly owned by Australian owned wind farm developer Windlab Systems and landholders neighbouring the project. It is the first renewable energy project in the country with an ownership structure that includes the local community in this manner. If the project goes ahead a community fund distributing up to $15,000 annually will be available for community projects in the local area. The structure and eligibility criteria will soon be finalised.

“As well as the community fund, Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm will bring jobs and economic activity to the region”, said Matthew Parton, Project Manager. “Over its life, we expect $13m in direct economic benefits from the project to flow to the region.”

Although the project is small by wind energy industry standards, the wind resource at the Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm site is world class and the project is expected to supply around 10,900 homes with electricity.

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