15/Aug/2019 05:23 pm

St Arnaud cricket club – community grants 2017


Shed Opening Held 16th February 2019: St Arnaud Cricket Club was successful in obtaining funding through the Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm community grant program for 2017.  After a few complications, the club have managed to complete construction of the new St Arnaud Cricket Club shed.  Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm contributed $5,000 towards the project, along with other local entities and club fundraising to cover the total project cost of $25,000.

Other News

16-09-19 03:05 pm
The Coonooer Bridge wind Farm Community Grants Program for 2019 is now open

Entries will be excepted until close of business on October 11th 2019. The grant program

15-08-19 05:23 pm
AED defibrillators for Coonooer Bridge & Yeungroon Communities.

Completed 17th April 2018 : The local communities of Coonooer Bridge & Yeungroon have benefited

14-06-16 12:31 pm
Coonooer Bridge wind farm inspires verse

The following poem by Judith Church of St Arnaud has been published by the Tamba