Community Grant Scheme

Coonooer Bridge Wind farm (CBWF) is offering financial support to selected community projects through an Annual community grants program. The grants program will provide up to $25,000 of funding each year to different organisations/eligible projects in the region.

The Community Grants Program for 2018 has now closed.

For further information please use the contact form on the website, via [email protected] or contact 1800 940 360.

2018 Community Grant Applications

Below is the list of community grant applications for you to review.

  1. Charlton Park 2020 inc (PDF, 158 KB)
  2. Charlton traffic Education Centre (PDF, 72 KB)
  3. Coonooer Bridge Ladies Committee (PDF, 131 KB)
  4. Coonooer Bridge Rec Reserve (PDF, 549 KB)
  5. Queen Mary Gardens (PDF, 133 KB)
  6. Railery Hub (PDF, 149 KB)
  7. St Arnaud & District Tennis Club (PDF, 122 KB)
  8. St Arnaud Arts Space Arts Council (PDF, 425 KB)
  9. St Arnaud Citizens Band (PDF, 68 KB)
  10. St Arnaud Country Club (PDF, 150 KB)
  11. St Arnaud Historical Society (PDF, 150 KB)
  12. St Arnaud Men's Shed (PDF, 112 KB)
  13. St Arnaud Pipe Band (PDF, 126 KB)
  14. St Arnaud Primary School (PDF, 141 KB)
  15. St Arnaud Rotary Club (PDF, 172 KB)
  16. Yeungroon Fire Brigade (PDF, 108 KB)
  17. Yeungroon Hall (PDF, 164 KB)